Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis. Applications in Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality Control
25-27 September, 2013
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The International Workshop AMSA will be focused on the following issues:

· urgent problems in applied mathematical statistics,

· the role of computational methods and simulation techniques in the development of applied mathematical statistics,

· prospective research results aimed at the expansion of application area of statistical methods in case of deviation from standard assumptions,

· problems in the practical application of statistical methods of data analysis.

The AMSA aims to bring together specialists interested in the development of statistical methods of data

analysis and correct and efficient practical application of these methods.

The First Workshop “Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis. Simulations and Statistical Inference –

AMSA’2011” took  place in September, 2011 at Novosibirsk State Technical University.

In 2013, the workshop will take place in the suburb of Novosibirsk on the bank of the Ob River. We will

be engaged in scientific activities enjoying the beauty of the Siberian countryside.

The workshop is assumed to be held once in two years.