Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis. Nonparametric Approach
14-19 September, 2015
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The Third International Workshop “Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis. Nonparametric approach” will take place in Novosibirsk and  Belokurikha located at the foothills of Altai. 

Novosibirsk is the third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and the most populous city in Asian Russia, with a population of 1,523,801 (2013 est.). Present-day Novosibirsk is the business, trade, financial, scientific, production and cultural center of the Asian part of Russia. It accommodates the residency of the authorized representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Siberian Federal District, the representative office of the Russian Federation Ministry of External Affairs, the Siberian Customs Administration, representative offices of other federal authorities and agencies, and headquarters of interregional organizations. The points of interest include 15 museums, the Novosibirsk Art Gallery, Botanic Garden, and a unique scientific institution for educational, cultural and recreation purposes-a zoological park that has no analogues in the Siberian region.


The resort Belokurikha is located on height of 240-250 metres on the sea level, in a beautiful valley near the mountain Cerkovka. The South part of this resort is occupied by quite high mountains, covered with the splendid evergreen coniferous forest.

Resort Belokurikha is a unique place on the Earth, where all the elements treat you Fire, Air, Soil and Water. Apart from the medical treatment, rest and entertainment sphere in Belokurikha is also well developed. There is everything for great pastime, everyone will find exactly what he needs to amuse and recuperate in any season. In almost all sanatoriums there is a rental agency, where it is possible to find even snowmobiles and quadrocycles.

The rest in the neighbouring Mountain Altai is also very popular.  Different kinds of leisure activities like white-water rafting, visiting caves and waterfalls, notable places and maral farms are also offered to holiday makers. In outskirts of Belokurikha horse breeding is very developed, there is a horse-yard with thoroughbred horse specimens. Horse-riding is famous free time activity among many holiday makers. 

Mountain Altai possess a particular magnificent power. Even experienced tourists, who have travelled all over the country and seen all wonderful places of the Urals, Caucasus and Karelia still prefer Altai. Altai Mountains region is included into UNESCO List as one of especially valuable cultural and natural areas on the planet.

Rafting in Altai is basically organized along the Katun River, which is one of the five biggest rafting rivers in the world along with Zambezi and Colorado. “Katun” (in Altai native language it means “lady”, “mistress”) is very rapid, deep and splendid. Rocky steeps frame the bank of this great river. Katun waters have unforgettable turquoise colour.

Altai caves are also worth speaking about. In almost every famous cave men settlement signs of different epochs were found. The Denisov's cave, where scientists found the most ancient men remains on the territory of North Asia, is situated here. Two-day tours to Teletskoe Lake including sailing and fishing are offered for the most inveterate travellers.


The weather in Novosibirsk and Belokurikha can change from 5 to 16 degrees of Celicum. So you need to be ready to such weather conditions.

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